Understanding the Causes of Gambling

Those with a gambling addiction often find themselves in a vicious cycle. Initially, it might be a novelty or a fun social event. However, as the person’s interest in the game increases, it may become more of a focus and take over one’s life. This increase in gambling is stressful and can lead to depression and anxiety. As such, understanding the reasons for gambling may help you change your behaviour and avoid further problems.

In order to evaluate whether someone is prone to a gambling problem, mental health professionals have developed criteria for identifying such disorders. This guide, published by the American Psychiatric Association, describes the symptoms and causes of problem gambling. The criteria for identifying pathological gambling include: repeated unsuccessful attempts to control the gambling behavior. Further, the articles must have been peer-reviewed and published between 1966 and 2001. The articles should have involved human subjects, discussed the health consequences of gambling, and provided advice for screening for gambling problems.

Admittedly, admitting that you have a gambling problem is hard to do. Often, it takes the courage of a friend or family member to tell you that you have a problem, but the risk is worth the reward. Ultimately, this decision will help you stop gambling for good. There are many resources to help you deal with the urge to gamble. Fortunately, many people have overcome gambling problems and are now able to lead productive lives.