Gambling Addictions – Understanding the Causes of Gambling


If you have a problem with gambling, you have probably tried to control it yourself many times before, but have failed. Perhaps you feel compelled to gamble just to forget your troubles or to socialize with friends. Whatever the case, it is important to understand your behavior and make necessary changes. Gambling is not a disease, but it is an addiction. Understanding why you engage in gambling can help you to control it in the future. Here are some ways to control your behavior:

Behavioral addictions and pathological gambling are often considered similar conditions. In fact, they have many of the same causes, including anxiety, craving for intense pleasure, and social and financial depravation. In fact, the American Psychiatric Association, in the 1980s, classified gambling as an impulse-control disorder, alongside kleptomania and trichotillomania. Since the two disorders share similar physiology, they were later placed under the addictions chapter of the DSM-5 manual.

Problem gambling causes a variety of problems. While people with gambling addiction may be able to control it for brief periods, it can affect their physical, social, and emotional well-being. The addictive nature of gambling can affect one’s career, relationships, and even personal life. Despite this, people with gambling addiction tend to be very responsible. Sometimes, however, the behavior may not be curbed and may even lead to another addiction. There are many types of gambling addiction, and each one has its own unique set of repercussions.